We are bitches

We are Queens.

We are Laughing our asses off.

We are smart – sold

We are fucking pissed

We are in trouble

We are awesome.

We are appalled and disgusted

We are in protest.

We are filled with curiosity

We are making cakes and throwing parties

We are tear soaked with grief

We are using our voices.

We are fierce and unapologetic. sold

We are goddamn sick sometimes…

We are pulling our weight.

We are crazy exhausted.

We are badasses.

We are having a really good time. sold

We are making really cool shit.

We are tough when we have to be.

We are smelling the souls of flowers

We are living a veiled life.

We are tending our gardens.

We are dancing with ribbions… and being dorky.

We are the way to world peace

We are listening to each other. sold

We are hysterical and outraged.

We are reading and it is sexy.

We are balancing a ton of shit.

We are exposed on our own terms.

We Are. A drawing series about women.

The was a daily drawing project focused on women. It is a response to so much focus on beauty and looks. The series looks at women as a whole person, and all of the things we do in our daily lives.